Friday, October 03, 2008

Life is Beautiful

I have so much to say, I don't know where to start. Hopefully something will materialize this weekend, but for now just know that I'm doing GREAT. And I don't mean that fake ass "How you doing man?....I'm doing fine" kind of great. I mean that go to sleep every night tired as hell but with a smile on my face, laugh hysterically at least 3 times daily, encounter fuckery and drama but deal with it head on and keep it pushin' kind of GREAT. It's an amazing feeling y'all.

More to come soon, I got work to do! Let me leave you this lil' bit of joy before I go. All I got to say is...where is this sista's recording contract??? :)

Have a great day, and DEMAND your joy!


Soldier said...

Yayyyyyyyyy, we're on the same page.

Right now i'm a ridiculously hugely professionnally exploited black man... but all i do is smack gum and run around the office laughing and taking pics with random coworkers @ bars after work... i'm loving it

" work hard, play hard "

If Only You Knew said...

ummmmm damn. you're still around!!! boy don't u know how to answer your emails?! lol.

life said...

Yeah, she sung her butt off.

ThisMightBeMe said...

I was and still am a HUGE Zhane fan. The song is beautiful. I wish the market was receptive to true artists.

Grinder said...

Great performance.