Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jungle Fever?....and Med students are HOT!

The romantic life is a little stagnant right now. I met a guy that had definite boyfriend potential, but it's looking like that situation is not going to work out to my satisfaction.

I'm in one of those moods....the Scorpio is rising once again. I've been too far long in boy drought, and my eyes are wandering.

Funny thing is...the eyes are wandering in different directions than usual. Although I consider myself an equal opportunity lover, it's no secret that I have an strong affinity for brothas. To me, nothing beats a beautiful, intelligent, articulate, strong-willed Black Man that knows his history, honors his culture, and loves him some Black Men.

HOWEVER, I've noticed that the other flavors of the rainbow are starting to look RATHER tasty...

For example, there is this Asian (looks like Chinese with Japanese or Korean) med school student that I see at least once a day in the halls. Short guy, but with a compact body built for LIFE. Kinda nerdy cute with the glasses but it works for him. BEAUTIFUL smile, and pretty friendly looking. He went to school with me during undergrad at UC Davis. He was on the track team...a sprinter (yum). Shared a few bio classes with him and he was smart as a whip. I thought he was kinda cute then but never paid attention to him. BUT NOW...

The few years since undergrad have been EXCELLENT to him. Looks similar, but with a grown folks aura and a little cute boy swagger in the step. I saw him decked out in scrubs about a week ago, and I almost swooped down on his ass like an EAGLE! And now, he acknowledges me whenever we cross paths. And yesterday I SWEAR I saw him givin' a little T, which makes me even more intrigued.

Another example...the hot biracial (Asian and Middle Eastern maybe) guy I see at the gym and around the hospital...ANOTHER MED student. This one has got swagger FOR DAYS! Can tell he's a newbie to the gym, but he'll be in fine shape if he keeps it up with those workouts. I have never seen an ass on an asian man that was not a bodybuilder or major athlete, but boy has got CAKES! The jury is still out on if he's family or not, but he definitely caught my attention.

And then...there's the Latin lover with the green eyes. Not a med student, but a RESIDENT...a surgeon in the making. Amazing physical presence, and dresses HELLA sharp! And in passing I heard the cutest thing out of him...he was literally GIGGLING! This tall, masculine drink of water with the hypnotic eyes was giggling and carrying on like a 5 year old. It was too much! Again, I felt like SWOOPING!

Ok, so obviously my taste for men is diversifying. My question is, do I take the plunge and break the color lines, or do I hold it down until the brothas come into the picture? Black Men (especially gay and OUT Black men) are few and far between around here, so I may be SOL for a while. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily against dating non-Black, but I do have certain reservations. I would consider myself a race man, so I'm not sure how well I'd vibe romantically with somebody that couldn't identify, or didn't have some kind of cultural awareness. I'm trying really hard to not to be biased, but I've been fetishized and exoticized by 'curious' non-Black folks enough times to carry a bit of a chip on my shoulder. And what happens if while I'm tasting the rainbow and that oh so familiar chocolate flavor comes into the mix? How f'd up would it be to just ditch one dude's attention for another guy just because he's Black?

And what the hell is this attraction for med students/doctors all about? Why have I found men in lab coats, stethescopes, and scrubs sooo sexy? Have I been watching too much Grey's Anatomy or something??? is a trip sometimes :)