Friday, October 19, 2007


This is frustrating as hell...I've never been this on-task, focused, and productive before in all my life, but I feel as if I'm not getting shit done fast enough. This is the 3rd straight day I will have to sacrifice my AM workout in order to get my writing, reading or homework done on time. The quarter hasn't even gotten crazy difficult yet, and I'm already enroaching on "MY TIME".
I'm not happy about that.

I haven't done anything exclusively 'social' since our new student orientation...which was 3 weeks ago. I've had plenty of offers, but the pile of academic shit on my shoulder has squashed all of that.

I feel sexually frustrated, flabby, and socially inept. Not sexy at all.

I don't know where my sense of balance and order went, but i need it back.

I need a breakthrough...among other things.

OK, no more bitching...back to work.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An Eligible Bachelor....HOLLA!

Hey kiddies...I'm still alive...barely. I swear I feel like Kunta pickin cotton in the fields WITHOUT a cotton gin on a Southern (California) plantation known as UCLA! I'm getting my ass kicked thoroughly, but I'm doing the damn thang. Keep praying for me!

I was asked by a men's group I'm affiliated with here in Los Angeles, In The Meantime, to do an interview for our quarterly newsletter. They are running a "Sexiest LA Bachelors" concept, and they chose lil' ol ME! Anyway, here's are my responses. If you feel you might be a good match for me, or know somebody, HOLLA!!

Here goes:

Background Info:

Jammie Mack Hopkins is a 25-year-old brother, born in Los Angeles and raised in and around Pasadena, California. He is an undergraduate of UC Davis, earned a masters degree from Cal State Fullerton, and is currently working on his doctorate at UCLA School of Public Health, majoring in Health Services. Jammie also works as a certified fitness trainer and health educator. Jammie is currently serving on the Board of Directors of In The Meantime as Secretary.

Who are your mentors now, and when you were raised?

Growing up, my mentors were my parents, Mack and Annie Hopkins. They instilled in me the value of working hard for what you desire in life, and their relationship served as a constant example of the sacrifices and commitment required to cultivate and maintain true love. My professional mentor is Dr. Antronette Yancey. Her guidance, encouragement, and (sometimes tough) love will be instrumental in my development as an out and proud scholar and professional.

Interest/ Hobbies?

Right now, my interests and hobbies are owned by the UCLA School of Public Health, LOL. When I don’t have my head in a book or in front of a computer screen, my favorite thing to do is dance. The freedom of expression and beauty of human motion is amazing to me, so I indulge in it whenever I can. I also enjoy reading a good book, mixing drinks, having thought provoking conversations, and working out.

You profession or future aspirations?

Professionally, my interests all center on improving physical activity and healthy eating habits of people of color, particularly us Black folks. After earning the doctorate, I plan on working in an area where I can make some real changes. I’m trying to run thangs! Once I feel I have a foundation, I’ll eventually look toward being a university professor so I can train the next generation of our community’s gatekeepers to health.

Your favorite recording artist?

I have two favorites: Jill Scott, and Donny Hathaway. Whenever I hear their music, it gives me chills. I’m actually listening to Donny right now ☺

Who is the most sexy black entertainer/ actor/ singer?

Aww how you gonna make me choose!? Well, I’ve always had it bad for Djimon Hounsou…ever since the Janet video. He gives me strength, masculinity, sensitivity, and BODY! As for the younger kats, I have a major crush on Jensen Atwood. He is ridiculously pleasing to the eyes, and when I met him he was cool as a fan and seemed unfazed by his new ‘sex symbol’ status.

There are too many talented, sexy Black women to even make a decision. I wouldn’t date them romantically, but I can definitely acknowledge ‘woman’ sexy!

What are you dating habits (once a week, etc…)?

Ok, this is embarrassing…I actually don’t date much. I love meeting new people, but unfortunately I haven’t been very lucky in this area. I’m hoping this lil’ endeavor will encourage some brothas to come out the woodwork and come say HI! Don’t be shy!

What type of men do you look for?

I look for 3 main things: A brilliant mind, a generous heart, and a positive, healthy outlook on life. I am a very driven, passionate person so I definitely prefer men that have defined goals and are actively achieving them. I’m a health-nut, so brotha must treat his body like a temple. As far as a romantic partner is concerned, I’m looking for a guy that will affirm my existence and understands the concept of RECIPROCITY. I’m naturally a “giver” so it would be great to meet a man that will appreciate my gifts and give back without reservation.

And let’s face it…ole boy better have some serious sexual charisma. I’m a Scorpio, so bringing your A-game in that department is CRUCIAL, LOL.

Idea of a romantic date?

First, I’d prefer we do something physically interactive (not that!...well not yet ☺) I’d love to take a dance class together, share a fun workout, or do a hands-on arts/craft activity. Next, we would clean up (together or apart depending on how long we’ve been dating) and have a nice meal at home. After that, we’d spend a little time talking and flirting. Next would be massages under candlelight. After that…well you get the picture!

What are your thoughts about the Black community?

I feel the Black community at large has power far beyond our greatest thoughts. We have survived cruelty, condemnation, and terror. Unfortunately, we have forgotten how powerful we really are. And because we have forgotten, the world does not acknowledge or respect us. We as Black people have got to figure out how to better edify and uplift one another so we can once again tap into the power that has always been at our fingertips.

Share your views on marriage:

Marriage to me is the ultimate commitment you can make to the man or woman you love. I’m less concerned about the political or legal ‘definition’ of marriage. When you agree to marry somebody, you are giving that person access to your body, spirit, and emotions without reservation. It’s a beautiful thing. Saying “I do” and putting a ring on a finger is trivial….it’s about the commitment you make and keep.

What are the key concerns for Black gay men today and how might we address them?

Obviously, the growing prevalence of HIV/AIDS is a huge concern. There are too many of us infected and affected by this tragic disease. Another concern for our community is our severe lack of SELF LOVE. There is far too much jealousy, animosity, ‘shade throwing’, and pessimism involved in how we treat each ourselves other as Black gay men. Society at large does a great enough job putting us down. If we truly expect the world to start loving us unconditionally, we must love ourselves first.

We can start addressing our issues by acknowledging they exist. Black people are notorious for fakin’ the funk when it comes to how we feel. We gotta put it all out on the table…everybody has got something they can work on. After we start helping each other deal with our personal demons and shortcomings, we will have a foundation of solidarity to start dealing with our major problems as a people. Once that happens, I think the world at large will give us our due respect.

What matters the most to you in life?

Living up to my purpose. I honestly feel I was put here to do great things, so my top priority is to be the best man, son, father, mentor, lover, educator, professional, teacher, husband I can be in order to fulfill my purpose.