Thursday, May 15, 2008


Okay folks, I know this is a weak re-entrance into blogopia, but I'm working on putting up something substantial. The post I was gonna put up weeks ago was kinda dark, but I'm definitely in better spirits and a better place mentally as well. Especially after hearing this news!!!!

As of today, in California, bans on marriage based on sexual orientation or other classification have been deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Do y'all hear that?! They done finally cut the b**s**t and legalized same sex marriage!

Get into this!

L.A. Times reports on the CA Supreme Court ruling

While part of me wants to jump for joy, the other part feels offended that it took so damn long. Nevertheless, it's in the BOOKS, and the multitude of friends and associates that have been waiting in the wings can finally have their relationships and benefits resulting an official thing!

Be on guard though...a constitutional amendment to put us back in the closet is already in the works...elections in November will be VERY interesting...

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming :) Hmm...maybe I'll write something on the plane ride to LAS VEGAS to go celebrate KENNY'S GRADUATION!!! CONGRATULATIONS BOY! I'm so hyped to see you walk across that stage! If you channel diva for ONE second, I will GAG for eternity LOL.