Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Ivy League Cutie

So yeah I met a guy two weeks ago. He's my "Ivy League Cutie" on account of his attending an Ivy League school and the cuteness factor he possesses. Me likes.

After a wonderful Friday evening "Flats and Foolery" gathering with TheBlacks and Company (shout out to EJ Malloy's Pub for putting up with our coonery), I headed to the default Friday night club spot for the ethnic gayboys in Los Angeles, Circus Disco. "Circus" that night was giving me exactly what I needed and I proceeded to get my life solo on the dance floor and flirt with the lovely go-go boys. As I pushed on over to the bar after taking a time out, I spot Ivy League Cutie in my periphery. About 5'8", slim but working with some body, chocolate, rocking the cute boy bifocals (hey I think eyeglasses are hot...whatever!), and givin' me urban preppy fashion...very much Larry Lyons or Frank Roberts tea. He smiles at me...i smile back. Cute.

As I finish up my delicious libation and glide across the expansive dance floor like I'm Tyson Beckford, all of the sudden the DJ drops a Reggae mix and I GO OFF. I love me some reggae/dancehall and true to form I'm working these hips like I'm in King-ston! Keep in mind that I'm dancing solo so I must have REALLY been feeling myself to have carried on like that. To my genuine surprise, I had an audience :)

I toss in a spin for good measure and lo and behold I see Ivy League Cutie has inched closer to me and is checking me out on the low. I'm tickled pink by this, but I decide to play it nonchalant. He's a grown azz man...if he wants to step to me he can man up and make a move. Thankfully, he does.

As the Reggae mix finishes and I bring it down a notch, he approaches. We attempt to talk, but the music and debauchery is too great so we head outside to chat it up. We talk about the basics...hometown, school, work, what brings you here...blah blah blah. But it was the playful, but deliberate flirtation that drew me in. The double entendres, the sexy smirks, the winks, the touching...all the things I love to put out there reciprocated. We were building that fun kinda chemistry that makes you kinda giddy and feel sexy and whorish all at the same time :) Of course, we exchanged the digits :)

Since then, we've gone out twice. Like actual dates. So much fun, to actually engage in a person's's like an aphrodisiac for a Scorpio like me. I can tell that he likes me, which is even more fun :) I'm trying my hardest to keep my hands off of him, but that is proving to be a "hard" task.

So yeah, I'm warming up to the Ivy League Cutie. Hopefully the start of something good!


yet another black guy said...

Ooh, that sounds like something out of the ordinary! I say give it a shot :)

kennyking78 said...

Hmm... okay, it has been almost a month... updates!!!!