Sunday, May 06, 2007


"I been gone for a minute, but I'm back again..WHAT!" - Lil Kim, 'The Jumpoff'

It feels like forever since I layed some lines down in blogworld. Life in the past month or so has moved lightening-speed, and I've been workin' overtime trying to just maintain. Things will continue to heat up for the next month or so, but it is what it is. All I gotta say is...on June 25th I'll be sooo HAPPY I may have a JOY-GASM....I'm moving out! Yessir, ya boy is officially leaving the nest (once again), this time for good! Kindly accepting all housewarming gifts starting NOW :)

LOL but for real though, I'm looking forward to having a space to call my own and finally living life for ME. My friend Trent has preached to me time and time again "Love them, but don't live for them", and I'm finally gonna listen to his words. I've served as an ultra-dedicated son/brother/cousin/uncle/student/mentor for 25 years, having self-sacrificed more than I'm comfortable admitting. Now it is time to invest some QUALITY energy in ME, as a FIRST PRIORITY. I'm EXCITED!

Having said all that, I now gotta work on contributing more often to blogopia. I'm guilty of being "blog-stingy" and it's time to come clean. I've been slippin' for real, and I've be told (and READ on) repeatedly about keeping the kids thirsty and unfulfilled. I apologize for keeping my thoughts to myself, and I promise to do a better job keeping a glimpse of my live available to all my blog family.

Please believe, DANCEHARD IS BACK!


Willboywonder said...

The words you speak are so profound and could be spoken about me. Take it from me, as much as you want to get on and do for you, that dedicated family member in you will always be there and you'll probably still check in and be there.

I have found me neglecting myself here and there. I try to take care of me, but it's hard knowing that others may need me.

But that doesn't stop me from trying though, and I hope you don't stop trying either.

Good wishes.

kennyking78 said...

All right... this is what I am talking about!!!!

Good luck on striking it out on your own. Leaving the nest was the best thing I ever did... TRUST!!!

You can still love your family from afar.

You amaze me more and more. A brotha' on a mission.