Friday, April 20, 2007

I Am Ready For Love

After experiencing a quiet moment and listening to my gurl India.Arie, I realized that "I am ready for love"...

But I'm not willing to discount my sense of principle just to be laying up with somebody. I know what I want, and it's not an empty one-night encounter with a nameless face. What I wouldn't give to have a strong, beautiful man to call my own. Somebody to kiss, hug, and laugh with when I come home from a day of hard work. I spend so much of my time and energy taking care of other people, I wish I could depend on a man to take care of me. No, not like a sugar daddy, more like an romantic ally...somebody that I can lean on for support and TLC. Not to say that my friends and family aren't supportive...what I'm talking about is having a man take care of me in an INTIMATE sense...greet me with a nice long kiss and hug at the door...massage the tension from my shoulders and kiss my neck after a hard day...hold my hand for no reason...whisper and giggle in my ear...initiate wrestling matches...join me in the shower (and initiate whatever happens in the shower, :)) me cook a meal...have a deep meaningful conversation on our couch over coffee...sing to me, even if his voice sucks :)...sit on my lap, or allow me to sit on his...

All the things I take pleasure in doing to and for my love interests...I'm ready for my turn now. Simply put, I'm yearning for romance. Sex, even good sex, even GREAT sex would be nice...lets keep it real it would be the BOMB right about now, LOL. HOWEVER, I'm more interested in the presence of the entire MAN: his intellect, his spirituality, his thoughts, his sensitivity, his physicality, his vulnerability..that's what I'm looking for. His dick, mouth, and and ass are merely parts of a whole. My desire is that, hopefully soon, a WHOLE man will enter my life and the circumstances for romance will be right.

I'm waiting. Not patiently waiting, but waiting nonetheless. And searching.

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