Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I was out learning...pass me a cigarette

Today was a good day. After doing a bunch of odd jobs and putting in my time at the gym, I headed over to the local java shop for a mocha and some study time. For the first time in MONTHS, I studied and wrote hardcore for 3 solid hours. As I now come down from the 'academic high' I feel like I need a cigarette. That shit was good :)

Am I a weirdo, or just plain nerdy? Whenever I have the time and energy to immerse myself in learning something, the feeling is near orgasmic for me. Have you ever been absorbed in reading, writing, public speaking, or some other academic endeavor and you just get in the zone? I live for that! And the satisfaction you receive when you work on a difficult problem and you all of a sudden figure it out?! PURE BLISS. Sometimes I gotta check myself to make sure i don't need a shower.

Okay it's not that serious :) but for real the quest for knowledge is truly exciting. I wonder how we all can instill this thirst for knowledge in the next generation of the kids? Because frankly, the growing resentment for education and 'book smarts' the young folks give off is truly breaking my heart.

Anybody else could use a cigarette after they do some serious brainwork? We could share one, LOL.

****For the record, I do NOT smoke...ANYTHING...LOL***


Cocoa Rican said...

How intense! LOL
Hey, I'm getting over my addiction, so there isn't much that doesn't give me the feeling that I can have one.

Reg said...

know what u mean. hardcore studying is really satisfying.