Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Still Here People!

HEY BLOGGIES!!!! I've finally gotten my ish together and am back in the blog world! So much has gone on since my last post...a trip to New Orleans, moving out of the family's house for the LAST time (HALLELUJAH THANK YA JESUS)...moving to in the dorms for the summer (which is a hot mess!)...dealing with these crazy ass people of West Los Angeles (aka the rich bitches)...starting a new chapter in my academic career...dealing with the affections of unsuspecting women...gettin' some action (finally!). A mixed bag of experiences and emotions, too many to write about all at once.

I'm rededicating myself to staying consistent with this blog...there were times when I was going through it where I was frothing at the bit cuz I couldn't get my fingers to keys. There is so much to tell y'all, but not enough time in the day to make it good. Soooo, expect a lil' taste from me on a regular basis. STARTING NOW.

Hope everybody out there is enjoying life and handling their business!



Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back, truly appreciate your writing- call me voyeur?

Mash said...

Am an African dance student in RSA.

Spencer Grant said...

Hey man I see you read, or read my blog, so just given back some love. I stop for a minute, I would tell myself I had no Muse, realizing I'm ALL THE MUSE I NEED! Stupid me! Lol.
Be good in your walk! Ill will be reading.

kennyking78 said...

My LAWD!!!! THANK YOU for making an appearance!!!!

Guess what... I will be in Los Angeles next weekend!