Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ok I have like the biggest Kool-Aid smile on my face right now, and my head has been inflated like a hot air balloon! I'm telling you, when people acknowledge your work ethic, it's a beautiful thing!

So I'm sitting here at my desk about to jump into my day's work, and here comes Queen B ready to pay me a visit. Queen B is the BOSS around here...she's not only one of the most prolific researchers in our department, she is the director of the center where I'm employed and manages my fellowship. On top of all that, she is a Dean so she's got it like that administratively. Definitely somebody you want on your side. This woman is the epitome of HARDCORE. She goes in HARD, she's sharp, she knows her shit, and she demands that you be ON POINT. And if you're not...she will kick your ass.

Needless to say that you gotta be on your A-game to impress her. I took one of her classes last quarter (hands down the best I've taken at UCLA btw), and she literally CLOWNED ME in the front of everybody. The steely gaze, the sigh, the pause, and the gut-punch..."Thank you Jammie for your input...now see, this is exactly what you're NOT supposed to do. This is not appropriate for this assignment, go back and brainstorm." I, along with the rest of the class, GAGGED. Point for Queen B. After debriefing in office hours, she explained what she was looking for, encouraged me to find a better topic, and come correct next time. By the end of that class though, my proposal was top-notch and I got the nod of approval. She was a tough cookie, but she made us really MASTER the skills. When I say my final A grade, I literally did cartwheels :)

Queen B. is definitely "firm but fair". She'll give credit where credit is due, but you ain't gettin ish unless you've excelled. And if you half step, she'll pick you apart and make you feel like jumping out of a window.

Fast forward to 30 minutes ago...I'm sitting at my desk ready to go, and she comes up to me. She asks me how I'm doing in the program, handling classes and work and such. Then she smiles and says "I don't know if you realize this, but you're actually ahead of the curve for your cohort. I've heard good things from the faculty, you performed very well in my class, and you've immersed yourself in a project in your first year. I'd say you're in a very good position." She then went on to invite me to explore some opportunities with the new multimillion dollar grant to expand my horizons and do some "solo work". I'm just sitting there like "whoa, she's giving me...PRAISES?"

So yeah, ya boy is feeling real good right now. Of course, now that I'm on her radar I'll have to step it up even further, but that's how it goes in the Ivory Tower...very much "what have you done for me lately?" At least I know I'm on the right track.

So now, all I gotta do is find a man and I'll be REAL GOOD :)



P.S: How does blogopia feel about dating a fellow colleague? He's an incoming student and I'm tempted to holler. Messiness is not my cup of tea though. Thoughts?

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If Only You Knew said...

Wow, sweet! Congratulations!!!

No dating thy colleagues. Ummm hello! Work place romance tends to complicate matters in general.

And what's this... 2 posts in as many days? I'm rather impressed...