Thursday, December 07, 2006

The L.A. Blacks were OUT!

Several weekends ago, I had the great pleasure of spending some quality time with fellow bloggers TheBlacks, Freddy Smith, Trent, and a guest by the name of Joe for a day of BEAUTIFUL weather, brilliant LGBT cinema, a lively panel, some DE-LIC-IOUS food, the L.A. version of Noah's Arc meets "The View" (y'all fools betta RECOGNIZE), and delightfully messy black gay hijinx. I haven't kicked it all day like that in a while with anybody, so it was a great pleasure to spend the day in such awesome company.

We started off the day at Barnsdall Arts Theatre (which was surprisingly picturesque) to show our support for FUSION: OUTFEST Los Angeles, an independent film and documentary showcase featuring the works of highly-talented LGBT creative artists of Color.

After the showcase, we were treated to a lively debate/panel discussion involving gay marriage, the power of mentorship, and the state of the Black Gay community in Los Angeles. The L.A. Blacks and I got a kick outta some of the shade being thrown out on the sly...i tell ya, the kids can be a mess! even when being tactful...

Departing the theatre, we proceeded to wander aimlessly for about 20 minutes trying to find a place to eat. Don't get it was not cute. We were all hungry as HELL, and our navigator was playing games...he almost made me come out my backback... We finally decided on Alcove, a cute lil cafe spot in Los Feliz. After laughing our asses off to the ridiculously icy "i wanna beat your ass!" glares Fred was throwing our guest for getting us all lost and extra hungry, we settled in for a nice lil' lunch that turned into a full scale afternoon affair (complete with coffee and dessert! we were being very homosexual that day, lol). It felt good having real conversation with other upwardly mobile black gay men without the pretense of a hook-up or whatever. We were even able to get a little deep, which is very rare for me with people i don't know.
Good times had by all, especially our 'guest'. Now THAT dude was too much, and he had it in for Trent! I think the 'read' total was about 10 or 11? Thank god Trent was being nice...i could feel the retaliation in the air, LOL.

So yeah, it was good finally getting out and connecting with some real brothas. Kudos to the artists at Fusion for holdin it down, and the staff at Alcove for dealing with 5 out of order negroes :).


TheBlacks said...

'Bout Time ... I've been waiting on The Blacks to post! When I look back and think about it, I truly enjoyed myself!

Dusty Boot said...

Nice picture (and flash that requisite Colgate smile!) :)

Trent Jackson said...

LOL! Did my agent sign off on that picture, obviously he didn't! Wrong angle!

Nonetheless, that was the best day of 06 for me, hands down!!!!! Even though he tried to read me, he who has the pen always has the last word, remember that. Don't think that scene will not play out in a future project...don't sleep. And it goes to show you that "Trent Jackson" is definitely PERSONA and not the dramatic bitch that comes across over speakers in thousands of earspaces across the globe.

But I had a great time! It's always fun, refreshing, and revitilizing when I am with you! Just make more time nigga...I'm supposed to be the busy one.

Much Love-Merry Christmas and I'll see you at my event on Sunday!