Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm late...but I'm still here! Halloween recap

Wow, yeah I'm slacking on my contributions to blogopia once again...lawd I done fell off the wagon! Forgive me folks! Anywho, life has been quite INTERESTING these last few months, and I have plenty to share. Let's start with Halloween :)

This year I decided to throw caution to the wheel and go all out for Halloween. For some reason I was channeling "Freaky Scorpio" and wanted to really spice it up this year. Mind you that I RARELY get into Halloween, but this year I was on some different ish. The house party I attended was themed "Movie Characters and Superheroes" so I thought hmm...who could I pull off and still be a tad bit risque??? I came up with nothing, but my a dear colleague and fellow partygoer suggested I get into the Blade character this year. After letting it marinate for a bit (and not having any other good ideas :)) I decided...Blade it is!

This is where it gets interesting :) After acquiring a few sample pictures and figuring out the costume in my head, I hit the streets to concoct my version of Blade the Vampire Hunter. Wesley Snipes wasn't gonna have shit on me, WHAT!? What I conjured up was more like a S & M daddy version of Blade :) My search for the perfect costume landed me in not one but two LEATHER SHOPS! It was a real kee kee searching for skintight leather pants and a vest-like top amidst the leather harnesses, whips, chaps, chains, harnesses and other sadomasochistic goodies! But then things got real serious...I found myself browsing through the goodies like "hmm....this is kinda hot...hmmmm i bet I could pull off wearing these.....hmmmmm maybe I should get my other nipple pierced....hmmmmmmm how does this sling work??" It was crazy y'all...I was getting INTO the leather fantasies! After clutching my pearls one good time and securing my costume pieces, I rolled on out.

The costume pieced together nicely if I do say so myself! I literally GAGGED when I figured out the damn top I chose was sheer as a mothaf**ka, showing off all my goods. Ohh lawd you KNOW I had to have a few drinks to go through with that mess! Here are a few shots of the party...what do you think?

Don't you just love the innovation of my UCLA folks?! Who says that Ph.Ds are boring, socially defunct geeks?! You betta recognize!

The party was great, the costume was well received, and fun was had by all. But weeks later I cannot shake this nagging curiosity I had while in the leather shops...did I let my freak out? What kind of Pandora's Box have I opened? Why am I SERIOUSLY considering going to next year's Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco just to satisfy my curiousity? A MESS!


kennyking78 said...

Jammie, you had BETTA work that costume!!!!!! It was HELLA hot! I loved the shirt... it looked really good on you!

You are a fool for letting your freak out in the leather shop!!! hahahaha

Let me know when the Folsom Street Fair is going down... I might come with you.

dancehard said...

booyyyyy! I'ma hold you to that offer. Clear your schedule...Sunday September 27th 2009 its time for the inner freak to come out to play! Get into it!

Grinder said...

That ninja outfit is sexy as hell man.

"and so is the guy in it." ; )

Dusty Boot said...

ummmm wow.......
you were fierce!