Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Almost there....t-minus 11 days to FREEDOM

Lord pray for me...cuz I'ma need some strengf right bout now...

It's official, UCLA has literally broken me down like an unsuspecting vixen in a Brian Pumper movie. It is really a mess actually. Mondays through Fridays, let's not include weekends, are all dedicated to not mastering my assignments and academic activities, but just to stay AFLOAT. Pretty much everything 'extra' (sleep, working out :(, social activities, my non-academic friends, family time) have taken a very distant backseat to this beast known as the Ph.D. monster (I like that, I think I'll keep it from now on).

So there we have it...I've gone toe to toe with the Ph.D. Monster for over 9 weeks, and I'm still standing. I've been performing quite well in all of my classes and my research, but I feel completely unbalanced. With 7 days of the academic quarter left and 4 days of research and other responsibiliities remaining, it's really CRUNCH TIME. I have no friggin' clue where this extra 'crunch' is gonna come from, but it's gonna go down and I will WIN!

One thing to look forward to though....i'll be enjoying my FREEDOM overseas for the winter break! Ya boy is headed to THAILAND! Yes sir, the vacation I've been waiting 3 years for is finally within grasp! I'll be spending 2 weeks and both winter holidays in subtropical Southeast Asian bliss! I'll post the itinerary at some point so y'all can gag, but keep in my that I have not had a REAL vacation in over 3 years and have saved all of my discretionary funds to make this trip happen. Don't hate! But yeah maybe I can get some tips from those of you that have been there before...cuz I know my behind hasn't even seen a rice paddy up close before, LOL.

But first, I must go 11 more rounds with the Ph.D. monster. He almost won tonight...I fell dead asleep after dinner and now have to start studying at 1 in the morning. See what I mean by this whole 'plantation' schtick? Whether it be 9 am, 2 pm, (or in this case) 1 pm, if you got work to do, you must step up and get it done. And if you don't get it done, somebody is gonna whoop your ass something fierce...Sigh...pray for me y'all.

I do know one thing....I will have some serious planning to do next quarter to ensure my life stays in proper balance. It's amazing how inconsiderate of your time certain people can be, and now I see that every moment is precious and allows no room for unnessary bullshit and tombfoolery. But that's another post all by itself. In due time.

Ok, gotta hit it and hit it hard! I was serious about the prayers, y'all! I'm sitting here clutching my rosary beads like a queen would clutch his/her pearls and I'm not even a CATHOLIC! Cah-learly it's crucial!



TheBlacks said...

Hopefully we're still on for Friday, right?

Anonymous said...

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kennyking78 said...

J, I hope you are enjoying your much-needed vacation!!!!

I hate that I could not see you when I was in Los Angeles, but I am soooooo glad that you were sitting on some tropical beach! You deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

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