Saturday, March 17, 2007

Refueling and Reloading

I love these moments of relaxation and tranquility I'm allowed before life gets really crazy. I'm sitting in this lovely hotel room in Washington DC, enjoying the last few days of my first real business-related trip. I know that once I return to Los Angeles, the heat of my professional and academic life will turn up dramatically. When I return, I will be digging into my thesis work. Although the doctoral program I'm entering will not start until September, I've already been given plenty of doctorate student-like responsibilities. I have to prepare for research papers and presentation in my last academic class. Time to get my hustle on for scholarship and grant money to finance the Ph.D. Time to put the hurting on my own students, which requires preparation :) Need to make a final decision on whether I will launch this fitness consulting business over the summer. When I return, it's GAME TIME.

I look forward to a wonderfully reduced-stress summer, HOWEVER I have a RIDICULOUS Spring to endure. It will push my limits most likely, but I GOT THIS. Even still, prayer and 'act-a-fool saturdays' will be my saving grace.

Until then, I will enjoy the nation's capital and this wonderfully accommodating hotel room. What is there to do for a young SGL black man to do in DC on a Saturday night? Hmmm...

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Marz said...

That HMMM sounded a bit lustful. LOL