Sunday, February 18, 2007

Smile for the Cameras!

Some recent pictures in Jammie's World....Enjoy!

I think this one may go in the portfolio...whenever I decide to make one, lol.

Taken on New Years after much wine and champagne!

My first ballroom experience. Taken with Father Taz Ultra-Omni. This man is FINE!

The L.A. Blacks and I at the ball...where are the sex sirens!?

Testing out my new digital. The slightly unkempt look...

The customary mirror picture

Taken at the MTPCCR Summer Institute

My university's representatives at the institute...minus Tiffany :( Love these folks!

A few of my students at the end of our class. I'm such a damn fool lol.

I swear, having a digital camera is like the greatest thing since sliced bread. Expect more candid shots in the future!


Trent Jackson said... about no more drunk pictures of me on your blog! I looked lit!

Although I was having a good hair and skin day...

Anonymous said...

LOL. you're a mess. luv the pics.

dancehard said...

oh hush it heifa..i will NEVER be able to put up a picture to meet your lucky i didn't put up the FIRST picture I took that THAT would have been a mess!

Cocoa Rican said...

Nice pics...stop photographing yourself from below...LOL

Frank León Roberts said...

ha, great pictures man! believe or not, Taz Ultra Omni is the man that pretty much taught me into the ballroom scene. It's been years since we've spoke. What ball was this at?!

dancehard said...

this was at the Grudge Ball in Los Angeles....late last year, Frank. Thanks for the compliment!

Marz said...


My family never took pictures, either because they didn't care, or because they never tought to purchase a camera. so all of my childhood is captured in ym aunt's Kodak's. But once I got a camera, I would take pictures of EVERYTHING. It's such a good way to record things.

Though, the cat ate through the cord to upload the pictures, and then knocked my camera into a bowl of water. (EVIL BASARD LION) SO now, I'm requesting it for a graduation present from someone.

All my pictures now, are being taken by this girl who loves her camera as much as me.


Will said...

Love the pics. Looks like you were having fun.

kennyking78 said...

Hey, great pics man!!! I have and love that same Jimmy Hendrix shirt!!!! Don't worry. I will not tell anyone where you got it!!! hahaha