Saturday, November 04, 2006

Help with Blogger?!!!

Ok, so I think I'm finally getting my Blogging mojo back....wooohoo!!! Anyways, I need some help if anybody's out there. I want to liven up this space, but my Blogger IQ is like 2.7 right now :(

I have questions!!

1. I have a few audio/mp3 files I want to post. How do I do that?

2. I've seen a few folks with links to their Flickr page on their do I do that?

3. Is there any way I can widen the display so that the text in my page isn't confined to just 1/3 of the page?

4. Random computer/hardware question. Any one know of a good Macbook compatible portable microphone I could use? I'm having to conduct a lot of interviews for my master's project, and I'm thinking of dabbling in some sort of podcasting for personal and professional purposes. A friend of mine mentioned the iRiver, but I'm having trouble finding one. Suggestions?

5. I want to do funky stuff with fonts, colors, and other stuff for the text. Are there any magic buttons I need to push? Cuz I can't find them.

Any help you can provide would be MUCH appreciated. I hope all of you are well and thriving. HOLLER BACK!


Dusty Boot said...

1. You can do an "embed" tag, I believe. I haven't tried it on here, but on my own webserver, that's how it works:
"embed src="source" height="pixel" width="pixel" autostart="true/false" loop="true/false"
(put < in the beginning and > at the end. This thing don't like brackets for one reason or another)

2. No idea. :)

3. If you go to Change Settings > Template, it will give you the current template. Go down to "Page Structure" and you can play with the sizes there (in pixels). Further down there are things for other sections of the blog.

4. Mac? We can't be friends anymore....

5. See #3. And I think you can also play with this while you're composing, no? My compose window has different fonts and color and stuff.


WiseYoungMan said...

one thing you can do is consult the help function in blogger. I know its helped me alot

Anonymous said...


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