Friday, August 11, 2006


When a deliciously sexy young man asks me to show myself off, 9 times out of 10 I'll oblige :). These pics were taken a little over a year ago. New photos are on the way, but until then, Enjoy!

One of my favorite pictures. That's my Thai Princess, Nan.

This is me with my longtime homie, Ms. Catherine Diaz-Soto
aka. "Crazy ass Cathy". Don't let the grin fool ya!

The thinking man's pose.

We havin' a Bay Area moment. GIT STOOPID! GO DUMB DUMB....

Some of my high school friends and I at Ken's going away party. DU-ROCK!!! 99!!!

Candid shot taken WITHOUT my permission!

Nan and I looking cute. See how I'm just in the picture as a prop? Sigh...i'm so exploited.

The tastiest looking reverse oreo you will ever see, LOL.

Another picture of some of the Du-Rock family. Notice the effects of the
Hurricanes have taken over Nan...messy messy messy :)

Now the Hurricanes have taken us all. The debauchery starts NOW.
I am rockin' such an alchie grin it's ridiculous.


Even Helen's goodies on display couldn't keep me awake for
Chinese food at 2:30 am. Just not right.

More pics to come in the near future. One of these days I want to hire a professional photographer and get a portfolio done. I have no aspirations of modeling....i just think it'll be TIGHT. But when that time comes...ooohhheee! it's gonna be HOT!! Until then, the sexy stares will be shot elsewhere and the clothes will stay on. No goodie shots ova here!


Darian said...

Who is the sexy brotha in the pics? I wish I could get his number!

dancehard said...

pssshhh....flattery will get you nowhere! well, not past 3rd base :)

Darian said...

My my my sir......if I didn't know any better I would think you were flirting with me!

ShawnQt said...

I seen these photos I want new ones!

dancehard said...

ok ok! demanding :)

heartbreaker said...

aw, those are cute pix :)

Anonymous said...

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